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Tallawah (Tal-la-wah) means small but strong. Your small idea may be bigger than you realize. Our internal ideation and concept development process can help you get your product to market. We bring first class engineering and design to start-ups, entrepreneurs, and large and small companies to help them improve and develop the next big thing.


Considering bringing a product in to the world? The adventure is always both energizing and risky. We believe the most successful products are possible through thorough customer discovery. That is why using the right tools is important to validate an idea.

Concept Development

In this phase, research is key. To make the right decisions, we look at the scope of the problem you are trying to solve and evaluate the constraints that will determine the final product. Our conceptual design elevation process takes into consideration the balance of beauty and practicality, while developing functionality and form suited to meet your customers’ needs. It is imperative that we understand the customers in order to develop for “market fit.”


Early customer engagement is important for a successful product. Customer discovery is used as an aid to guide us when building and developing your physical product representation. Using this method, we can quickly gather information about form, fit and function. We provide different methods to test your assumptions which lead to the final product. Prototype phases include: sketching, 3D modeling, Design for Additive Manufacturing, reverse engineering, design for assembly and design for manufacturing.


Whether your product is a one-off creation or for mass market production, when prototyping is done, the last thing you want to hear is, “Your product is impossible to manufacture.” After prototype testing and “customer validation,” we get you started on the right path to product manufacturing. In this phase, we take a look at materials, manufacturing locations, manufacturing method, parts sourcing, quality assurance, certifications, and product safety, all factors which can affect cost.

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The products we have designed and collaborated on vary greatly. The breath of our work is always focused on the best outcome for our clients and their customers.

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Our experience with engineering and industrial design gives us the ability to create with the end in mind. We design for beauty and manufacturability at the same time. We are passionate about creativity, and we are logical in our execution. We use the lean methodology and agile practices, such as scrums, voice of the customer, and lean design to ensure the highest chances of success for your product.


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